The Problem
The Pilbara Ports Authority facility, located at Port Hedland in Western Australia’s north, is the world’s largest bulk port by volume. In April of 2023, it broke its previous record for loading 2.817 million tonnes in a 24-hour period.

Bulk ore is brought from surrounding mine sites to the port via an extensive rail and road network and a vast fleet of heavy vehicles. This includes super quads; road trains with a four-trailer combination measuring 60m in length with a gross combination mass (GCM) of over 200 tonnes.

More than 500 of these super quads deliver to the Utah Point facility daily, often during extremely high temperatures not uncommon in the Pilbara region, placing huge loads on the pavements. The large number of these heavy vehicle movements presents an enormous strain on the road infrastructure and delineation.

The Solution
In 2021, OzRumble was approached by the Pilbara Ports Authority to undertake a trial of milled rumble strips along Utah Point Road as an alternative to the conventional raised audio tactile line markings that are frequently used throughout the region.

The permanent milled-in profile would offer a cost-effective way to alert drivers to lane deviation and play an important role in reducing single-vehicle runoff incidents. OzRumble strips presented a versatile audible road treatment that would last for the lifetime of the road pavement, in turn saving money on reapplication costs. Furthermore, the treatment would be able to withstand resurfacing, water, and debris build-up, ensuring the continued safety of the many users of the expansive road network.

After assembling our highly experienced team, along with the Rumbler 6200HD plant and other associated traffic control vehicles, a stretch of OzRumble milled-in rumble strips was successfully and safely installed along Utah Point Road. The strips were applied on the asphalt shoulder, adjacent to the edge line. The 200mm wide treatment was set to a 610mm spacing and was installed at a specified profile depth of 14mm.

A site assessment conducted 18 months later in May of 2023 showed no loss of profile depth, no cracking or deformity of the milled profile, and no fracturing or visible structural damage to the adjoining pavement. There was also no accumulation of dirt or debris evident in the milled profile. A superior audio tactile effect was tested and observed in both light and heavy vehicles.

The results of the assessment demonstrated the exceptional performance of our milled-in rumble strips. The Pilbara Ports Authority noted that OzRumble audible road treatments easily outperform conventional road-marking methods and were very forthcoming with positive feedback regarding the trial along Utah Point Road.

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