Oz Rumble strips are a series of shallow grooves milled into the pavement surface, with a cut depth typically specified at 10-14mm deep for Australian roads, depending on the client’s requirements. Provided there is sufficient pavement depth, the milled treatment does not penetrate the sub-base.


No. Oz Rumble inverted-profile rumble cuts are set between 10-14mm deep and shaped in a uniform concave way that allows passing traffic to drive excess water out of the cut.

No. Thanks to their uniform concave shape, Oz Rumble shallow rumble cuts are designed to allow passing traffic to drive out any leaves or debris.

Unlike conventional audio tactile pavement markings, Oz Rumble milled rumble cuts do not sit proud of the road surface and are therefore less aggressive than raised strips.

Oz Rumble milled rumble strips are a cost-effective solution to road safety. Oz Rumble is approximately double the cost of thermoplastic audio tactile markings and the equivalent cost of Cold Applied Plastic line markings but offers considerable whole-of-life cost advantages over conventional raised treatments. Milled rumble strips require no ongoing maintenance or reapplication and have no surface adhesion challenges to contend with. They have a service life for the life of the pavement, as opposed to a few short years with a raised marking alternative

Oz Rumble milled rumble strips provide up to 50% greater in-vehicle audible and tactile warning of lane deviation, meaning their impact on driver safety is significantly more than conventional raised road markings.

Oz Rumble strips can be specified at a range of spacings to suit the pavement structure and the types of vehicles that use the road. At the correctly specified spacing, Oz Rumble has not observed any structural failure of the road, even under heavy loads and high volumes of traffic.

Yes. Oz Rumble can install milled rumble strips into concrete pavements.

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