A highly experienced national team.

Oz Rumble Pty Ltd is comprised of a highly experienced team, with a diverse background in road construction, maintenance and management. The owners and managers of Oz Rumble are all actively involved in the road marking, construction and maintenance Industry across Australia.

The team behind Oz Rumble have a strong history of investment in the Roadmarking Industry, with unparalleled commitment to the introduction of new systems and equipment to enhance road safety. The same team have been responsible for placing specialised high pressure water blasting plant in every major State of Australia, servicing line removal, pavement retexturing and airfield rubber removal. This commitment would represent, the most significant technological improvement in the Roadmarking Industry in the last 10 years.

Through our strong links with established and reputable, equipment manufacturers in the USA we have exclusive access to the latest technology available internationally. All equipment and systems are fully field proven and Federal Highway Administration/ AASHTO compliant.

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Long-lasting to match your pavement.

An audible road treatment that lasts as long as your road does, saving you money on reapplication costs.

OzRumbel Australia Wide Service Area

Accessible across rural Australia.

An audible road treatment that can be applied anywhere in regional Australia, no matter how remote.

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Versatile in application and ongoing use.

An audible road treatment that can withstand resurfacing, water and debris build-up, ensuring continued driver safety.

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A cost-effective solution to road safety.

A cost-effective way to use vibration and sound to alert drivers to lane deviation, and reduce single-vehicle runoff incidents.

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Audible treatments for the life of your road