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Long-lasting to match your pavement.

An audible road treatment that lasts as long as your road does, saving you money on reapplication costs.

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Accessible across rural Australia.

An audible road treatment that can be applied anywhere in regional Australia, no matter how remote.

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Versatile in application and ongoing use.

An audible road treatment that can withstand resurfacing, water and debris build-up, ensuring continued driver safety.

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A cost-effective solution to road safety.

A cost-effective way to use vibration and sound to alert drivers to lane deviation, and reduce single-vehicle runoff incidents.

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Run-off-road accidents

Approximately 60 percent of all fatal crashes on Australian regional roads were roadway departure crashes. An average of one roadway departure injury crash occurred every 43 seconds. Oz Rumble strips have proven to be very effective for warning drivers that they are about to drive off the road. 

CASE Studies

When you’re investing in extremely long-term solutions like road treatments, you need to know you’re working with the best. 

That’s why we build case studies with our clients – so you can get an understanding of our past work, our processes and our penchant for client satisfaction before you commit.

From Transport for NSW to Main Roads WA, we’ve proven our expertise time and time again. 

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Audible treatments for the life of your road